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How might you use the Alexander Technique on a day to day basis.

People often ask me something like, "do you need to keep thinking about the Alexander Technique or does it become ingrained and automatic?"

The answer is yes you do need to think about it because the technique is about (the huge benefits of) being more conscious of the way you react and the choices you can make. Mostly here I am talking about movement or "use" (or posture if you like!) But also with experience your awareness grows substantially and without taking much time at all or as much time as you like, you will find yourself moving more easily and comfortably. You will be less likely to exercise in such a way that damages yourself because you will more accurately be able to identify when you you are over tightening rather than strengthening. (Watch people in a gym and notice how many people are really just tightening themselves up because of the belief in the idea of "no pain, no gain"))

You will in your practice, (of a skill such as playing a musical instrument or using a tennis raquet etc) be able to save time by eliminating patterns that are stopping you from achieving your aim and probably be surprised how much less effort you need to play faster, hit the ball harder, lift weight more easily.

Your practice might take 20 seconds or you might choose longer dedicated periods of time to slow down a bit and work on yourself in this way. It is not boring. It is quite fascinating and fun and it works!

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