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What happens in a lesson?


We have a chat to establish what has brought you to the Alexander technique lesson. It will be different for every person. Depending on the reasons, I will then talk a little about what the technique involves and how it might help and then start working with the student/client with gentle hands-on guidance and verbal instruction. This can be with a specific activity or something simple like standing and sitting. In all cases we are working with the whole system and  coordination to improve the postural support and bring more ease into  activity. Most Alexander teachers, myself included, also work with the student lying on the table in semi supine - knees pointing up to the ceiling and the head resting on books as in the photo. Here we are using gravity and constructive rest to bring the whole body into better balance and alignment.

Greg Ford teches an Alexander technique Sydney

Who comes for Alexander technique sessions?


People come for a myriad of reasons such as:


Performance anxiety.


Restricted breathing.


Recovering movement after surgery.


Help with technical issues and pain related to playing musical instruments.


Chronic back pain.


RSI symptoms 


Poor posture

How many lessons do I need?


The best idea is to have a couple of introductory lessons and take it from there. Your awareness of how you move and react will grow and you need time to practise and gain skill to work on your own which is of course the goal. Initially I recommend a month of a couple of lessons a week as a good introduction to the work. Remember you are learning how to have more choice over habits that have developed over a lifetime! Also you will most likely notice big changes after even a couple of lessons.


How much do lessons cost?


An initial consultation is $110  (1 hour). Thereafter $90 per 50 minute session. Also discounts are available for packages of lessons booked in advance. Some concessions are available in certain circumstances --please enquire!



What do I wear?


Comfortable clothes. No shoes during the lesson.


Where do you teach?

I teach in Camperdown  I also teach classes and workshops by arrangement in other locations.

Do you teach classes?


Yes I have taught many classes and presented introductory talks and workshops. Please enquire.

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