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Greg Ford Alexander Technique teacher Sydney
  • Enjoy improved balance, alignment and coordination


  • Watch long-term aches and pains disappear as you learn to move with more poise in harmony with the design of your body.


Contact me to make enquiries or to book an appointment

0450 445 417 

Spring is here -almost! A great time to think about moving more and more freely. -More elasticity and spring in our step. A greater sense of ease and spaciousness. More choice in the way we respond in all types of situations.

I have been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1986 when I graduated from the first Alexander Technique Teacher Training in Sydney. (A three year, minimum 1600 hour training).


A lot of people who come for Alexander Technique are performers looking for ways to enhance performance, recover from playing related injuries, gain more resonance playing their instrument or using the voice. Others come for help with overcoming pain and discomfort which is "use" related -- posture, stiffness etc, or to experience freer and easier breathing.

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